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International Independent Film Awards - Platinum Award

London Independent Film Awards - Best Documentary

Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival - Remi winner


"DUSTARDS"(c) The first Ukrainian documentary of a cross-country motorcycle journey.

Each one of us, at least once in our lives has wanted to ride a motorcycle - to feel wind blowing in your face and to see nothing but the road ahead. Sex, speed and real adventures - that's what stands for riding motorcycle.

«DUSTARDS»(c) - is the first Ukrainian feature length documentary about motorcycle travel to western Ukraine. The upcoming premiere is sсheduled for spring 2016, but one thing you can tell already is that nothing like this has ever been done before in Ukraine.

The creation of the documentary is the project of the Kiev based Red Glass Productions.

The story takes place in summer 2015, when four friends and a small film crew go on a journey to explore the incredible and beautiful world of of the Carpathian region.

«Dust, rain, lack of sleep and exhaustion were just a small part of everything we have experienced during our journey. However, the emotions which I have personally experienced and continue to feel while working on film have inspired and motivated me through all the process of creating this movie. I am sure that every person who lives in Ukraine and other countries around the world should know what an amazing country we live in…» - says Stanislaw Gurenko, the director of the documentary.Along with four friends, their custom motorcycles can be considered as real characters of the film: 1982 Honda CX500, 1978 Yamaha XS750, 1986 BMW R100 and 1985 Honda Magna. All of them were completely renewed, rebuilt and customized in Ukraine. Today the custom culture in Ukraine is going through an upturn period of popularity and demand for a something unique. The fact that the characters of the «Dustards» documentary are Ukrainian custom culture pioneers makes this movie even more significant. Along with the journey, the film tells about their experience and struggle in creating the culture from the scratch.

One important fact that is a testament to their experience is that there was not a single major breakdown or mechanical problem during the entire trip. Though the trip can't be called a comfortable one: two days of travel were spent under soaking wet rain. The complete trip took 1.2 thousand miles and a ton of burnt fuel.

«Five days of around the clock filming in natural conditions, without practice, no script, just pure travel. These conditions are not the easiest job you can have. We were shooting while sitting on the tailgate door of a car going 80 m/h, we used a drone, we were shooting from the barge, while crossing the Dnestr river…As a result just from the journey alone we had about 5 hours of unedited material» - says Stanislaw Gurenko.

The story shown in the «Dustards» documentary – is a dialogue between human, machines and nature. It's a reflection about friendship, about decisions you make in your life. The movie tells us, that the journey, even the smallest one can change you forever.

Everything that heroes of the documentary do in their lives is as real as the landscapes surrounding them during the trip.

The main goal that the creators of this documentary is to make every viewer feel the unstoppable need to get out of their homes and go on a journey. For someone it's going to be a journey to explore new places, and for others – to explore themselves and be inspired. 


Pictures by Sashko Bojko



Director             Stanislaw Gurenko

Cinematography       Stanislaw Gurenko, Sashko Bojko, Sergey Pivnenko

Postproduction       RED GLASS PRODUCTION (redglass.com.ua)

Sound editing        Nikita Budash

Producer             Yana Altukhova

Co-producer          Alexander Kamenets, Dmitry Karpenko

Soundtrack           Sasha Boole

Cast                 Alexander Popko, Sergey Dozer, Volodymyr Cheremys, Igor Kalyuh


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